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    Default How Las Vegas ED saved hundreds after the mass shooting

    “The night that Stephen Paddock opened fire on thousands of people at a Las Vegas country music concert, nearby Sunrise Hospital received more than 200 penetrating gunshot wound victims. Dr. Kevin Menes was the attending in charge of the ED that night, and thanks to his experience supporting a local SWAT team, he’d thought ahead about how he might mobilize his department in the event of a mass casualty incident.”

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    Wow and Wow again.

    I was a Vollie EMT before I was a cop. I was in only the second EMT class that my county had. The old guys at the VFD were bitching about young bucks pretending to be doctors. When I joined the cops in 1976 I put jump kits in all of our vehicles. Auto accidents were my biggest first aid thrill. It was the 70s and seat-belt usage was rare. Today's child car seats did not exist. Full and partial ejections were common. When I became a cop I was on scene before any ambulance. I had a few head-ons with multiple major injuries. I have never lost a wink of sleep over anyone that I laid hands on to help. The ghosts that I see are the triage decisions of those who were still living that I passed over to help someone who I thought had a chance. My worst was six real bad injuries and a few blue crossers. I was the "trained" man. Back in those days people would stop to help. WW II vets were on the road. I asked for and had civilians doing major lifesaving work.

    When I read the piece about the docs that saved so many, I felt the pain of the triage decisions not fully explored. MY hospital ER doc was a WW II vet. He saw things worse then I ever did. He never used the word die. Patients "snuck out"

    Some heroes wear guns, some wear stethoscopes. Trump should give all of those guys a Medal of Freedom.


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