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    Default Forcing cone lengthening worth it?

    I know that getting a shotgun barrel forcing cone reamed out to a more gradual taper is a common enough modification among the clay sports guys. From what I'm told by guys deep into those games it improves pattern uniformity. In some cases quite a bit. The theory being that the shot deforms less, so the pattern improves. By improving I'm told that pattern size isn't effected but pattern density is. Same spread, less empty space.

    Now, bird and clay is a whole different thing from fighting. That said a better pattern is a better pattern. Have any of you guys shot buckshot through a barrel with a lengthened cone? Is there a noticeable improvement? Is the benefit only tangible with the fine shot they use, or does buckshot pattern improve? Is the proverbial juice worth the squeeze?

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    We looked at it. It does nothing but increase cost.
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