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    Default Colombia, South America

    In September I plan to visit Colombia for the first time. Over the years I have been to Mexico and all the countries of Central America (except Belize) numerous times but I have never been to South America yet and I chose Colombia as the first South American country to visit.

    I speak, read and write Spanish with native fluency so language won't be a barrier at all. I currently live in the Dominican Republic since 2008 and became a naturalized citizen there in 2015, so I am accustomed very much to Latin American culture.

    Having never been to Colombia, though, I was wondering if those here who have visited it have any advice. I will fly into Bogota from Santo Domingo and from there I want to visit Medellin, Cali and several other cities. I am undecided as to whether I should rent a car or go by bus or plane. I appreciate any advice on travelling there as well as safety/security tips.

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    I have been to a Bogota a few times to visit family and work, but not to any other cities. Never had any problems, but was always with family or other locals that knew when and where not to be. Customs in and out of the country was always fairly smooth and usually three security check points out of the country, airport, airline, and military. Always a good time there with plenty of bars and restaurants to hit up after work.

    For work I had an armed bodyguard pick me up and drop me off at the airport. Would get the scoop on what weapons he had and where they were.

    Places to eat... will add more as I remember or look back at some old pictures.

    El Corral Hamburgers

    Waffles y Crepes... where every waitress is a single mom

    Monserrate Mountain.. great views
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