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Thread: PPU Match Ammo

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    The .308 PPU I purchased was erratic as well. I got tired quick of chasing a rainbow while sighting in so I now use it for range drills where super accuracy is not needed.

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    Ppu use to be decent stuff but has suffered recently. I was shooting some of their rifleman line .300 blk yesterday and it reminded me of wolf blackbox.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nabalfodrows View Post
    There is a list? If so, I would like to have it.
    Federal Match!!! Federal premium ammunition is as good as it gets. We used to buy Federal match ammo when we ran out of issued Lake City match and didn't have time to load enough to shoot the full course. Made a lot of Mexican match too. I still have a few 168 gr Sierras, a bucket of old LC match brass, and a fine old custom NM M1A to shoot it in.

    What little ZQI ammunition shot through the Sig grouped nicely, though I have only shot 62 gr 5.56 ZQI ammo. The supply seems to have dried up on the ZQI ammo, though.

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