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    Question 9rnd. ETS G43 Mags.

    Has any body have any issues with these magazines? For instance, I cannot get 9rnds. into any of the 3 magazines I purchased.

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    The ETS mag springs can be a little stiff from what I understand. I only use the larger 9mms mags, and only for the range.
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    I carry two spare 12 round ETS magazines
    when I carry my 43, and I haven't had any
    issues loading them to capacity, as far as
    I can recall. I acquired several of South
    African 17 round Hi-Power Police mags,
    many years ago, that were impossible to
    load to capacity when new. The solution
    was to stuff them as full as possible & let
    them sit for a few days, and top them off
    as they allowed.

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    I have 2 12rnd ETS mags for the 43.
    I couldn’t get them to reliably feed hollow points.
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    Thanks for the info guys.Wanted to carry a longer magazine then stock with extended base pad. Wanted more to grab onto out of a IWB mag pouch.

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    I have been perfectly happy with the SI +1 and +2 base-plates for the G43. I've never had a hiccup with any of them.
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    Run the ETS seven rounders with a +3 baseplate but it hard to get 10 rounds in them, seem to feed fine

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    The 12rd ETS mags worked fine for me...until I shot support hand or with a less than perfect grip. Then they choked so I got rid of them.

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