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    I've been a so called "bullet golfer" since 1976, shooting NRA high power and long range (800/900 /1000yds). I live in the NW and have shot internationally. Unless there is lightning or the winds are breaking target frames, we shoot in the rain.
    I have personally experienced and witnessed. 30cal bullets smoke themselves in the rain. ONLY when shot from an M-14/MIA. This was from the bullet passing through water in / on the flash hider. Period.
    I fear rain / water on my ammo more, as it takes the space the case needs to expand. I've blown plenty of primers in the rain, but have not, once, smoked a .30cal match bullet in the rain.
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    I saw the bullet trace for the first time
    many years ago while shooting a .308
    at 450 yards on a humid day. I'll bet it's
    really cool in the rain.

    I have also wondered how rain would
    a trajectory. So is the consensus is
    that the pressure wave generated by
    the bullet will preclude the water from
    actually contacting the bullet?

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    The bullet trace can be easily seen in all weather conditions. The visible trace is not dependent on moisture in the air. Set your self up over the shooter with your spotting scope looking over the rifle. It can be seen at 200 yards but is tough because of short transit time. It is easily seen at 300 yards or more and can be used by an experienced spotter to get a shooter on target even out to 1,000 yards. I had a Marine Gunny get me on target one morning in a 1,000 yard match.....It took three shots of 155 grain .308 to get on paper. There is nothing like a Gunnery Sergeant yelling at you COME UP 4 AND RIGHT 2 HOLD CENTER! Then you fire the shot and he says" on paper" as he moves to the next shooter needing his help...

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