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    Default Checking in 7/15


    I've been off line for a few days, the missus and I are starting a business, outside of my work with SI. The pace doing the prepwork is hectic. She is traveling now and I'm at the farm, a bit of role reversal there. I was able to get back to the weight pile after an injury induced lay off. I trained, both weights and dry fire, made paleo dinner, pork roast and broccoli salad, then sat out on the patio, tumbler of Bulleitt at my elbow, a good cigar and the dog at my feet as I read Gates of Fire. A short respite before things fire up tomorrow.

    Life is good, don't forget to take the time to appreciate it.

    Jim Miller
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    Gates Of Fire is required reading for any learned man.

    Some snippets -

    "Wake up to dees!"

    "What is the most powerful thing?"
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    Excellent choices.

    “Gates of Fire is on the Commandant of the Marine Corps' Reading list. It is taught at West Point, the United States Naval Academy, and at the Marine Corps Basic School at Quantico. The novel stresses the literary themes of fate and irony as well as the military themes of honor, duty, stoicism, and esprit de corps.’
    Ted Demosthenes
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Miller View Post
    Life is good, don't forget to take the time to appreciate it.
    Thanks for the post! I know that I personally tend to become a bit too focused on the struggle and clawing my way to the top. Your post was a nice reminder that there's a reason we put in the long hours, take the risks, and sacrifice monetary security. I did a similar thing yesterday, taking my wife and kids out for a nice meal, then just relaxed for the evening and got a decent night's sleep. You have to take time periodically to recharge the batteries and remember why you're putting in the work.

    And BTW, Gates of Fire is an awesome book.
    Suarez International Staff Instructor, Iowa

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel Suarez View Post
    Gates Of Fire is required reading for any learned man.
    Ordered it this afternoon.
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    Listening to it on Audible as I read this. Just as great the second time around.
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