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    So this has cool factor but I’m interested to hear from those who know better than me on if this would fit in. Integrally suppressed model (still a pistol).
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    Quote Originally Posted by callmebubba View Post
    So this has cool factor but I’m interested to hear from those who know better than me on if this would fit in. Integrally suppressed model (still a pistol).
    If I were going the NFA route I could see something like this but I think I commented above on the topic. If I were going to shorten the barrel and shroud for a super compact system then you lose all advantage to an SI Glock PDW. I'll admit a package like that is sexy as hell but I'll only spend so much on sexy, I'm more concerned about function over form
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    I was fortunate enough several months ago to play with a braced EVO owned by a friend. He had mounted a cheap RDS and a tailhook (I think) brace, I instantly fell in love with it. The trigger was decent for me, and the angle of the tailhook made for a good cheek weld for the optic. I would agree with Gabe that the weak points in the design were the charging handle and mag release. The mag release felt alien and cheap to me, having to push forward on little plastic pieces doesn`t inspire confidence in me. The charging handle was less of a concern, but enough for me to note as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nabalfodrows View Post
    Hey guys, I am now setting funds aside for this.

    What is the best 9mm subsonic HP round? Remington, Federal, and MagTech make loads. I would like the Federal HSTs, but it looks like velocity is over supersonic. The 147 gr Federal Hi-Shok looks like the next best thing.
    I havent shot any over a chrono, but I run Federal 147 HST suppressed out of a 9mm AR (10.5 inch) and its super quiet.

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    Not my Scorpion it is a loaner from a buddy, worked with it at 15,25, and 40 yards.

    I didn't change his zero it was spot on at 15 yds I ran 90 rounds through it after working with it dry Friday.

    Mine is brace-less as of this writing.


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    I am really glad to see SI taking an interest in the Scorpion Evo. I have had one since they first came out, and I really like this platform. As said, it is compact, light, very maneuverable, and accurate for what it is.

    Mine is set up as an SBR, so I can use the excellent CZ factory folding stock. I shot it for quite awhile waiting for upgrades to come out. It was OK stock, but with some of the upgrades available now it is so much better.

    My opinion is that there are two things that really need fixed on the Scorpion. The absolutely terrible trigger pull, and the safety hitting your hand on the right side. I replaced the trigger springs, and changed the pull weight on the trigger from 9 1/2 lbs to 4 3/4 lbs. Changing the springs also improved the overall trigger action to the point where I find the action to be quite acceptable in this type of gun.

    I changed the grip to one like the SI grip, and found with the different angle that I did not need to change the right hand safety to keep it from banging my hand. I like the factory safeties, so that was a big plus for me. The different grip angle was also a plus. I also changed the charging handle to an extended polymer one. I didn't care for the roughness of the three rails in the front so I put on La Rue little rail cover tabs, which solved that problem.

    Other accessories are: a direct mount Silencerco Octane 9, a Vortex Spitfire prism red dot with a QD mount, a Streamlight TLR-1 HL, a Vickers 1" sling, mounted with U-Loops, and plenty of mags.
    I have mags from CZs original 20, and 30 round batches, and have had no problems at all. I leave all of them loaded, so that if there are going to be problems they happen.
    I did shorten the springs in my 20 rd mags. CZ used the same springs in their 20s, as in their 30s.

    I can't wait to see what SI is going to come up with for the Scorpion. I am very happy with mine, and the upgrades that I have done. Mine is my go to HD gun, and I feel comfortable with it's abilities. I have quite a few rounds through it of all kinds, and it hasn't had a failure. One thing that i don't think has been mentioned, if you are thinking of getting one, is that a Scorpion is a really fun gun to shoot. My friends are always wanting to ger their hands on it just for fun shooting.

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    I can't imagine what the advantages here would be, not in 9mm anyway, but this is coming apparently... I guess for sure it will look amazing on Instagram pages.

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    The bore axis looks concerning to me.

    For a bullpup, I'd be considering the IWI X95.

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    It sounds like there's two thoughts going on with the PCC:

    1) Something compact that can fit into a bag or compact for a vehicle, rapid deployment, some sort of shouldering device for accuracy/faster.
    Would be too narrow of a probability for me, and more of a niche for my area.

    2) Home CQB.
    Some people will say 5.56 from home sized bedrooms is extremely loud and will negatively affect them by some amount.
    Others will say enclosed 5.56 doesn't affect them at all.
    Since I've read modern 9mm HP is adequate for CQB/home defense range, I'll take the 9mm noise advantage.
    ...hence the PCC for enclosed CQB. But then again, others will say pistol calibers are anemic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobertGuy View Post
    ...others will say pistol calibers are anemic.
    Not when that 9mm is in the face! :)
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