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    I am humbled by the mention. My background pales compared to Gabe's and Brent's, but I'm honored to be part of the team. The karate influence drew me to SI and clicked instantly with the first course I attended. I look forward to getting to Prescott to work with my brothers.
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    Great video version. This should be shared widely, for both information and infotainment.

    FYI doesn’t only mean “For Your Information”...
    Remember that armor plate sign idea?

    How about a half-day of pistol kata before/after MII next month?
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    Brilliant commentary on the state of martial "arts", and rock solid advice to someone looking into training.

    I've trained for years and taught professionally, part time, for the last 22. My focus has always been how to deliver as much violence onto the "bad guys" as possible. I have, especially in the past five years, been feeling more and more pressure to open my own place so that I can keep the focus where it should be.

    The place I have trained for over twenty years has a new guy managing the business while my old instructor can focus on his handful of private students and studying the things that interest him. The new manager has brought a new focus on the sport aspects of things. For the few private students that I keep, I have to teach them the sport side of things because they see everyone else doing it and they feel they are missing out. I have to keep reminding them that the sport side is a game. A game that has rules. Learn the rules so that you can know how those rules make a person who is following them weak; then take advantage of that weakness.

    I am at a loss as to why students do not understand the 'Johnny Jihad' doesn't give a sh!+ about your rules. My wife just says I'm too hard core. I just think the sheeple are getting softer and softer.

    How much demand is there now for real training with a focus on the 'Martial' and not on the 'Art' as Gabe so eloquently put it?
    Erik Maddocks
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    There was shockingly little training in our academy regarding effective (read: lethal) hand-to-hand skills.

    Hitting people with foam sticks, spraying them with OC, and wristy-twisty does not a warrior make.

    Largely, I think, it had to do with having to "recycle" injured trainees, but even then the warrior aspect was being sacrificed to political correctness and the "L" word.
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    Thank you Gabe.

    I'm the type that constantly reconsiders things for the hope of not being stuck in a limited way of thinking. Your video has helped answers some questions I've had about my current martial training. It's great to hear your veiws on the subject.
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    Excellent observations and really good advice.
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    Thanks, Gabe. After listening to this I started looking for pictures of local instructors. I think you would approve of this Krav Maga guy!


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