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    Talking See the latest in Philly? laughin' my ass off

    anonymity is underrated

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    The article references Baltimore... not Philly.

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    Edit to add:

    I was irritated by the spam thing that I
    forgot to add my primary thought about

    **The Lakeland shooting was caused by the
    same issue. The SD wanted the county crime
    rate statistics to look better so they looked
    the other way multiple times on that kid.**

    I received a BS audio & graphic message
    from opening the link above that I have
    spyware on my machine.

    caveat emptor.

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    What amazes me, what FUCKING AMAZES ME, is that it took some research grant to figure THAT out. Fuck me there must be point where education and promotion produce reverse product.

    Being a good cop means being aggressive NOT abusive BUT aggressive. It means actually looking for crime. then doing something about it. Stopping a guy driving 26mph in a 25 zone just so you can write a ticket is the new BS and that's what too many bosses want BUT stopping that same car for going the same 1 mph over the speed limit BECAUSE hes got 50 pine tree auto air fresheners hanging from his rear view mirror is a clue worth investigating. Sometimes you even let the guy off because he only had stems and seeds; but at least you identified him and his vehicle with the Felony Forest of air fresheners.

    Good cops don't like bad cops. The problems is good cops often don't know how far up the bad cops go...

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    Baltimore is a mostly black city. So most of the crimes are committed by black people. That's not racist, it's just math. But of course there's a State's Attorney (Marilyn Mosby) that will abuse the justice system for her own agenda, and blame everything on the so-called "racist police". A black dude got arrested, so it must be racist. Or maybe he was a drug dealer, and the cop was doing his job? No, that can't be the answer.

    Can't blame the cops. Lots of them have retired since the riots, or transferred. The rest have seen how things work, and they respond accordingly. "FIDO policing" is the new normal. (F- It, Drive On).
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    Give them what they want....

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    What EDEL said,

    If LEO are concerned about being brought up on charges they won't enforce the law. Seems pretty simple to me.

    Best thing I ever did was moved away from Baltimore (city I was born in). It's a shame my parents refuse to do this same....sigh....smh.
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    The best solution is to simply have policing by race.

    The officers that police an area must be the same race as the majority of those who live there. That way, all of this nonsense can be averted.

    That, or run those agencies like the Fire Department. Sit at HQ eating and working out until a call for a crime comes in, then go out and investigate/solve it and go back to HQ.
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    I was only a cop for about two years in az before going back in the mil.

    I was sued over a dozen times in this time. Rather, the dept was sued because of something I did. Only one time was an investigation opened, and it was over a regular who called the police probably three times a week or had them called on him. I threatened to kick his ass if I had to come back for something.

    I had my boys who I trusted, and those I did not. My sgt offered me steroids, and my first LT looked at me funny when I was brand new until I figured out that my report was a 'rough draft' and not the final product. Correct the, er, typos he told me. Wink wink, nod nod. Gotcha.

    Those were good cops. Anytime something bad happened, they were stacked on the door ready to rescue somebody from a bad man.

    The paper work and admin nazis were why I left. There were alot of those, and stupid me took a minute to figure out that not all your bros are actually YOUR bros. So I left when the mil offered what I wanted without thinking twice.

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    Good cops don't like bad cops. The problems is good cops often don't know how far up the bad cops go...[/QUOTE]

    That created hard lessons for me in other aspects of government 'service'.

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