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    Normally I'm not interested in any sport that involves a ball, but I can definitely get behind this.
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    And I'd get behind you. While they're punching you in the knees I can run the ball in. Or jump off your shoulders.
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    This looks like the best sport to watch since the gladiator days. I like MMA but this would be something to see.

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    It’s pretty magnificent.

    The first 5-10 minutes is pretty much a gang fight between the 2 teams. While the announcers all talk about how this game is a disgrace/the worst they’ve seen in years and if the fighting keeps up it will likely be the last year of the Calcio.

    Then once the announcers make it their “official-reduce-their-own-liability-even-in-Italy” statements, they get back to sort of officiating on the players actually playing.

    After the “first round” of all-out brawling, for the rest of the game about a quarter of the players are actively fighting, another quarter just sort of hold each other down in the dirt and wrestle around a bit, and maybe the remaining half are actually trying to move the ball and score. And the half trying to play often rotate in/out of the quarter who are actively fighting.

    Been like that every time I’ve been. Though I haven’t been in a long time.

    There was an attempt at “Team MMA” going around a year or so ago. Didn’t take I guess. This would be even better, especially with the right commentary.

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