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    Default ? For the Intermittent Fasting Guys (or Girls)

    How much protein are you able to get within your “window” and/or have you noticed any muscle size or strength losses after switching from a more traditional diet?

    Thanks in advance.

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    There is an adjustment period to it because you're teaching your body to pull calories from your fat stores. When I did it I generally stopped eating at a certain point of night and pushed through the morning before in-taking anything. I didn't notice a loss of anything because I workout in the evenings not the mornings.

    If you overnight fast and then do fasted cardio in the morning it's generally more effective but messes with your endurance. I don't lift fasted.
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    I stop eating at 1800 and generally lift in a fasted state around 0630, and I have never noticed and issue either with strength or muscle endurance.

    As for protein intake, I start with about 50g of protein from egg whites and get another 100g from protein supplements twice daily, with another 25-50g from my final meal (usually closer to 25g). So protein intake usually isn't an issue. I do tend to have more of a deficit in terms of carbs and fat, but I tend to have 1-2 'cheat days' a week in which I eat food with a higher fat and/or carb content.

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    Mark Sisson has some interesting things to say about this. He goes through it in his most recent book called The Keto Reset Diet, but he also hits the major points this podcast:

    He makes the case for all the benefits of compressing your eating window. I think he says he only eats two meals between 2 and 7. I don't remember the details, but he makes the case for how it's better to do a workout during the fast than eating first, and I think he also talked about the benefits of not eating immediately after the workout (which certainly goes against a lot of popular recommendations).

    The podcast is worth a listen, I heard a lot of things that would be of interest in regards to previous conversations I've seen here.

    I've personally always found it easy to go a long time without eating without noticing any energy issues--I've worked a full day of construction work when I was younger without getting hungry or eating until the end of the day. I've done heavy lifting workouts mid-day without eating first and never had any problems. But that may be something unique to me--I've never met anybody else who routinely skipped breakfast and lunch without getting hungry.
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    I workout every morning from 6-8ish fasted. Usually dont eat till around 9. Get up at 530. You get used to it, Ive not noticed a difference in endurance really.

    I can get all the protein I want if I try, and skip dairy as it slows my digestion.

    Its hella easier than eati g six meals a day. It doesnt work well if youre trying to 'bulk'.

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    I will IF a couple of times per week. Stop eating around 1900 prior night and go until lunch next day. This is between 16 - 18 hours.

    I dont lift fasted but will do light cardio in the AM.

    Once your system is working you can add good carbs (no sugar, wheat, processed food) and maintain lean muscularity. I am convinced that perpetual keto is not good for the body. Once you are lean the addition of select fruit, vegetables, and even rice is a good step.
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    I do it a couple times per week 16-18hours. I’m fine with feeling a little hungry- in fact I think it is a good thing. The thing I struggle with is feeling fuzzy headed while fasting. I’ve cut back on caffeine, eliminated caffeine etc but sometimes I feel like I’m just not thinking clearly. A little bullion often helps.
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    Does the broth help with hydration? Ive had a harder time staying hydrated now that I dont eat as much.

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    I think it's most likely salt content. I usually recommend people salt the hell out of their food when they start doing low carb or fasting to help ward off the transition weirdness.
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    Just a general comment. I've been working 90-100 hours a week for the past 10 months or so starting some new ventures. In the past, I had gained weight during times of high stress like this, so I implemented an informal intermittent fasting routine. I simply haven't been eating from later in the evening until noon. It's worked exceptionally well. I've been consistently losing weight, even though I've increased the number of restaurant meals I'm eating. Also, not eating breakfast and later at night saves quite a bit of time, which I devote to work. I definitely recommend intermittent fasting for weight loss.
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