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    Default Keeping your dogs happy.

    Keeping your dogs happy.

    I decided to post this information as the topics of what new rucksack or best load bearing equipment etc pop up from time to time.

    Bottom line up front, carrying heavy rucks and all the other essential fighting gear depend on your physical and mental conditioning.

    The fitting of the foot wear is extremely important, poor fitting boots can make a 12 mile road march quite uncomfortable.
    A lot of modern athletic / outdoor footwear is comfortable right of the box. The more rugged the footwear generally the more wear in or break in period is needed.

    The boots going through the breaking in right now are Belleville Tactical Research QRF 6 Coyote desert style boots. I wore them the first time and developed a hot spot on my right heal that was extremely uncomfortable.

    Here is a tip I learned many years ago for expediting the break in process.
    Put the boots on and lace them up tight, taking any play out of them.
    Then either use the shower or tub to get the boots saturated with hot water for about 15 minutes then let all of the excess water drain
    Note:It might be a good idea to do this when your wife or girlfriend is out for a pedicure.

    Then wear/walk them dry. I Have used this technique countless less times and have only had to repeat it on a handful of boots.

    20180704_114323 (1024x576).jpg

    Letting them soak through and through will allow the leather to conform to your foot, frequent tightening of the laces helps.

    I then fired up the NordicTrack, knocked out a brisk mile, did the basement stairs ten times and then took up the slack on the laces again.

    20180704_123520 (1024x576).jpg

    I did two more miles in between loading up some training ammo in mags that got depleted this past weekend and did the final tighten up on the laces.
    No issues like I had before thus far and my feet have remained quite cool today as well. I will see how they do going forward the next few days.

    20180704_170959 (1024x576).jpg

    Keep your dogs happy and it is one less thing you have to worry about on long movements, stay focused on what you are doing.

    Caveats: Your mileage my vary.
    Remember don't do this when the XO is home you will leave tracks for a little while.
    I have never done this with boots that had a Gore-Tex liner or other waterproof boots.



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    Yep, back in the day new boots were issued, walked in the hot shower until soaked, then walked until dry. Works well. Great tip.

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    As a poor kid growing up on a dairy farm I got a new pair of boots, once a year. Nothing fancy of course, just the $6 pair of standard Sears brand leather work boots. The first thing was to soak them in water overnight, put them on wet in the morning and go to work. Try to keep out of manure that day. That night, cover them with a good slather of mink oil and stick them in a warm place for the night. In the morning, clean them off and get to work.

    Without fail, they'd fit like they were meant to and last a year in the harshest, messiest, toughest life boots were meant for. Still works today. Although gets funny looks from other whenever I stick a new pair of leather shoes in a bucket of water, right out of the box. But, the dogs are always happy!

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    These days, I either wear either Asolo Fugitives, or Redwing 10877's. I dont have to use this trick for either of those boots.

    In the Army, I needed to do this with my jungle and desert boots... it was always annoying, but there wasn't a better way to expedite the break-in process
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    YMMV, but I've found that the new Lowa with leather lining are almost perfect out of the box. The warning I've gotten with leather lined boots however is that the liner can either stretch or tear when soaked as it's thin leather.


    Try to replace hardware with technique. Technique is free, lightweight, and cannot be lost.
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    Hey JD how is the arch right out of the box? My dogs like a high arch and I usually have inserts. Thanks.
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    The factory insole is comfortable to me
    Sturdy foot bed and enough ankle support.
    Check them out if you have a place near you that carries them.



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