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    An interesting thing to consider is all the different types of temptations and dangers kids have to deal with these days. Anything from drugs to sexual predators that some people seem to want to tolerate to getting getting kidnapped and sold into all sorts of bad things.

    On the flip side they have so many more advantages in pretty much everything. I love that I can do so much more for mine then my parents could do for me; And my parents did so much for me.
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    From my observations on "good old days" threads I've read over the years is that most of the things that I agree are good about current times and bad about the past have to do with advances in technology, and most of the things I consider bad about current times and good about the past have to do with social and political factors. I consider stupid or bad things done with new technology to be social and/or political, so things like not reading books and instead relying on a 10 min Youtube video are not the fault of the technology.
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