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    Quote Originally Posted by ZeroTA View Post
    Like it or not, Facebook is killing forums anyway.
    I disagree. Facebook is controlled by an outside entity. They decide waht is good or not good unlike a privately owned forum. FB is also uncontrolled to comments, unlike a forum where trolls are executed on sight.

    I use FB to get people here and to the store. The guys that use FB as their primary marketing venue don't do as well and only do so because it is free. Same for YT. I doubt there are many YT or FB millionaires (other than the inventors)
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    Just as a point of clarification: AR15forums.c is not the same as AR15.c. The original arfcom is still owned by the Avila's.

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    In all honesty, I don't care who owns the forums I use. If they're useful, I'll read and participate. If not, I won't.... which is why WT gets the lion's share of my time.

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