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    Quote Originally Posted by chad newton View Post
    He should have been good, the other dude was hitting people with an collapsable baton. I’m going to expand this, what if he used a firearm?
    Quote Originally Posted by psalms23dad View Post
    Was is self defense or mutual combat?
    Quote Originally Posted by coastalcop View Post
    No charges either way.

    But even closing the gap on a guy advancing is considered self defense around here (dont know abou there). In this case "to reduce the velocity of the batons swing and to prevent being cornered" ;)
    I recently took the ASP expandable baton class, and there's only a couple swings that you can with a baton to avoid killing the person, and a lot of places you aren't supposed to hit someone. I would certainly say that a random guy swinging a baton at you is deadly force.

    However, there's a damn good chance this guy would have gone to trial for shooting the guy. If he's wearing a vest and forearm guards, the prosecutor is going to have a field day with that. The point of the material we teach at SI in regards to the post-shooting is to avoid charges and a trial. Going to a brawl like this, and dressed in a vest a forearm guards, is a huge violation of the 4S rule and a great way to go to trial. He might have been justified in using deadly force, but he would have set himself up for failure post-shooting.
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    The result was good. However, consider the shoulder is the non moving fulcrum with any sort of club attack. The nonmovement should make it the focus of your attack...go for that shoulder, donít worry about blocking the club. Effect your knockout with he strike of your choice, go for a neck break, or just restrain the is your choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunstore Commando View Post
    Looks like he might actually have been trying for a disarm, although he doesn't quite get it.

    Well done in any case.
    Doesn't knocking the guy out count as a disarm?
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