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    Please read my posts on

    My Impressions of the Evo
    Choosing a 9mm over a rifle cartridge

    That I do not need to repost every single article over and over again.
    Gabriel Suarez

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    Sorry! My bad...

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    I am very interested to see where you guys take the Scorpion... What mods and accessories you feel it does and doesn't need and in particular which weapon lights and mounting solutions you feel work best.
    I recently picked up my own Scorpion for many of the same reasons Gabe has already laid out and I joined this fine forum so I could see what developed. I know enough to know how much I don't know so I am looking forward to learning from you all.

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    As a lefty, shooting an unsuppressed MP5 blasted gas at my eye with every shot. It was so distracting that that platform was a no go.

    Anyone have experience with the
    Micro Evo
    Glock PDW
    as a south paw?
    Anyone done so while suppressed?

    Blowback designs aren't ideal with a port on the face side but are some workable?

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