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    Add to that, the EVO is less gassy than the MPX when suppressed.

    That's actually a benefit over the Glock PDW. The Glock isn't as bad as some other platforms, but the EVO has an advantage here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brent Yamamoto View Post
    Add to that, the EVO is less gassy than the MPX when suppressed.

    That's actually a benefit over the Glock PDW. The Glock isn't as bad as some other platforms, but the EVO has an advantage here.
    And if suppressed there is a carbine fore-end available that will shroud the can and provide more room for a floating hand.
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    I like the idea of it being bigger. It will be straight out more stable, Idk how anyone can argue with that. There is a purpose when you want to be more proactive and utilize a better overall weapon system for that intended purpose. Maybe it is a suppressed e&e type weapon? Maybe you want something a step above a braced pistol? Or maybe you just want one because they are bad ass????

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    All I know is I want to spend some $$$ on SI Scorpion EVO goodness!!
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    Got the itch for the Evo too, now which one to acquire ? S1 or S2 Micro ?

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    Muchos gracias for the info and insight gentlemen. That was what I wanted to hear. Good insight!
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    Looks like CZ is coming out with a new/smaller version?

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    45,372 the thread and the other one for my thoughts on "the smaller one".
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    My practice is to carry the largest pistol I can conceal in relative comfort. That means G17/G21/M9/226 sized weapons with a smaller backup on which I can get a full firing grip. Too small is too small. A telescoping brace that crowds the wrist when collapsed? Just say no. Diminishing size means diminishing returns.

    And the sainted Uzi has always felt to me like an overpowered mid-60's electric drill.

    I know, sacrilege.
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    Pardon me if this has been addressed elsewhere: but how about the SIG MCX Virtus braced pistol with a 9” barrel in 300BLK?

    19” folded: fits nicely into an unobtrusive “nice yuppie businessperson” messenger bag. Usable when folded. Silencer-ready flash-hider.

    Tricked-out with Geisele trigger, Troy folding sights, Aimpoint H2 in LaRue mount, Surefire PX2 on the side.... near-rifle performance in a gun that the law considers to be a handgun, that I can carry loaded in my ride, or wherever my CC permit allows me to carry a pistol.

    The Timbuk2 Command messenger bag, size large, holds the folded Virtus, extra mags, trauma kit, etc.... and doesn’t look the least bit ‘tactical’....
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