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    Default Intel requested: Knoxville Zoo, Knoxville TN.

    Level of security... metal detectors etc ?

    Any info greatly appreciated.
    Thank You.

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    126 views but no info to offer? Damn guys. I just need to know what hardware I can carry when taking the family in on monday...... anyone??

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    I won't be much help, but we took
    a day trip to the Columbia SC zoo
    a couple of months ago, and I was
    very surprised that they had no
    screening what so ever. Kind of
    neat, but kind of scary, too.

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    Same with Pitt when I took my son last year! I’ve not been to Knox in years!

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    I always try to determine similar things before I go new places. I used a few google searches and no security of any kind is listed in reviews or on their website so although I have never been personally I think you will be fine.
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    Interested to hear what you found. I remember that it was a disappointing place in 1984, but it was relatively new. I have heard it's a great zoo now. The red pandas and gorillas would make it worth the entry cost.

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    I haven't been to the Knoxville zoo in about 6 years, but security was virtually nonexistent. I walked right in with all the usual accoutrements.

    Knoxville isn't a total liberal cesspool. I'll be driving through Knoxville in a couple weeks, I'd be happy to detour and check for you if you weren't going to beat me there.
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    Been several years since been to Knoxv. Zoo. Don't remember any sort of screening then; couldn't tell you about now. Nice zoo for it's size and a pleasant trip.

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    I took a khar into universal studios in december. They litwrally finger print you, use walk through metal detectors and wand you down.

    I also 'accidently' got a socp dagger through tsa earlier this year. It was in my bag and I didnt want to throw it away. I forgot it was there.

    You can get through the zoo just fine if you try.

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    Louisville Zoo no check

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