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    When we began teaching force on force work back in 2004 using Airsoft, we changed the training industry. But Airsoft has always been a problem with durability and the actual feel of the weapon compared to the real thing. Simmunitions was expensive and unreliable, not to mention inaccurate. Last year we began working with UTM in our force on force classes, and it is like night and day compared to airsoft. We know that not every student in force on for4ce will be able to afford a UTM package, but those who can, their training experience will be much enhanced over the use of Airsoft.

    By early July we will be opening a group buy for UTM conversions and munitions. The conversions cost about as much as a new slide unit in Glocks, and a new barrel in a Sig P-226. The ammo is comparable with the cost of the ammo you carry on the street.

    We will offer conversion kits, as well as munitions to members of WT and students of Suarez classes.

    Stay tuned for more updates
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    of five.Looking forward to it.
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    Sweet baby Jesus that's good news!
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    Less expensive than sims, no work arounds to purchase them because of the company. Thanks Taipan, I am looking forward to this.

    Jim Miller
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    At last, a good reason to buy my issue M&P when the department goes 2.0.
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    Excellent news! People have to understand how awesome UTM is. We were getting face shots at 15 yards with UTM Glocks. Try that with your airsoft pistol. UTM allows you to do so much more with force-on-force, such as shooting in a crowd, hostage shots, precision proactive shots, longer-range reactive shots, etc. You guys seriously have to take advantage of this group buy. I know I will.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Papa View Post
    At last, a good reason to buy my issue M&P when the department goes 2.0.
    but is there a good reason to buy an M&P?
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    Great deal right there

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