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    In my opinion the green laser is the best option for multiple reasons. 1) in the light spectrum is projects further and still be visible than the red will. 2) on an RDS equipped pistol it provides less visual confusion between it and the dot for quicker pick-up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nabalfodrows View Post
    Good thread. Along with the night vision aspect, I've been thinking of picking up the Streamlight TLR-2 IR to go with one of my new Guttersnipes. Does anyone have experience with these?
    I have mine dedicated to my PDW and and it has performed very well. You need this: as well for single handed operation. I also have an IR lens cap that serves a couple of purposes, you can illuminate an area for a visual scan while aided and eliminates a white light AD, then if you need to go white light you simply flip it to the side.

    The operation selection toggle is different than a standard TLR-2 left is illumination center is off/safe and right is IR laser. It does not do illumination and laser simultaneously like a standard TLR-2.


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    I agree that green is better than red for visual reasons.

    But last time I was looking at lasers, the battery life was almost double for red lasers. And green lasers cost more. But when combined with a red dot, green is the way to go.

    I have a crimson trace laser grip for a glock 19, but donít really like it, because it changes the grip feel too much. It is usable, and gets rid of the holster issue, but I canít stand the batteries on the side of the grip. I also donít like the battery change process.

    I like the idea of the p320 laser lower. Looks like the red gets 5 hours per battery, green gets 3.

    No master on /off switch is a bit of an issue.
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    Any plans for SI to make or sell AIWB laser compatible holsters? I know you mentioned something in the video but not sure what you had decided.
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