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    Dec 2005
    I picked up a new 336Y. Quality seems to have improved.
    I tried some different open sight options, but my aging eyes work better with the Skinner ghost and bear buster front blade.
    I'm really liking this rifle, I have been working the loading gate to loosen her up.

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    When I lived in Minneapolis I kept a Marlin 30/30 that was cut down to 16.5" with Ghost Ring Sights as my house gun. It was as low profile and not one of those extremely lethal AR15's that sent the snowflakes screaming in terror. After all, it's just a deer rifle!
    Captain Dave Funk

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    Buckeye, AZ
    Being a refugee from the Peoples' Republic of California, I set up a couple of my lever actions similar to Gabe's recommendations. These were meant to take the place of the "Assault Weapons" I couldn't use until I got moved to Arizona. I have a Marlin in .357 that I mounted a butt stock cartridge holder to. I mounted the XS long rail and ghost ring sights on it, primarily so I could use the rail for an RDS. I also have a Mossberg 336 in .30-30. I also added the butt stock cartridge holder and XS ghost ring sights with an RDS. On that rifle, I replaced the stock wood with a synthetic stock for weather resistance and durability. Both have slings mounted. I've found both to be very easy to handle and quite accurate with .357 loads from 125 gr, JHP to 180 gr. JHP and .30-30 loads from 125 gr. JHP to 170 gr. SJFP. I think Gabe has had the right idea since he started carrying something similar in his car in the '90s. Having been freed from the PRK, I'm now free to have the ARs and handguns I want, but I saw these rifles, in combination with a 7 or 8 shot S&W or Ruger .357 revolver as a last ditch position if things really got out of hand before I could leave there. Think I got out just in time.

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