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    Default Suarez Barrel Twist Rate?

    Hey, what is the twist in the replacement match barrels you sell, and given that, is there a "better" bullet weight to run through them for max accuracy?

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    I looked up the link and the SI barrels are:
    They feature a 1-10"
    It is close to what the militaries usually choose for pistols with the 9 mm luger parabellum barrels.
    There are diverse barrel twists rate and Smith and Wesson barrels in 9mm were at one time 1 in 10 and now are much slower and glock is very close to 1 in 10.
    Any explanation as to why some, especially those making pistols for the military like the faster twists. Those making guns for the american public like to make the twists slower.
    Below is an excerpt of 9 mm twist rates from

    Twist rates.PNG
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    Thanks- I should have looked up the site, but my phone was arguing with me....

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