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    The main thing I learned from my Dad was to be a better Father. Don't get me wrong He is a good guy and he has always worked hard, but he focused on the wrong things and made it miserable to be around him when I was young. The things he was trying to teach me were not wrong, but you can't make your kids miserable when you get a chance to be together. They need to want to be around you.
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    Probably the biggest lesson I took from my father was self-teaching and self-sustainability.

    Together we did everything on our own: car maintenance, building fences, sheds, decks, drywall, tile, plumbing, etc...

    My dad was a senior software engineer at the time. He made great money. He had no need to do those things on his own. But he did - to teach me to work with my hands and to be self sustaining.

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    Probably a little different than most. Born and raised on a working cattle ranch.

    My dad taught me there was more to seeing than just looking at something. Taught me to read the lay of the land, and what it's telling you about what's coming. How to find my way cross country day or night. How to read distance and wind in the 'Big Empty' country. That there will always be a need for fists so you best get familiar with 'em.

    And whenever I got too full of myself he'd remind me that 'EVERYONE has skeletons in closets. Some just rattle more than others.'
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    That it sucks to suck.

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    It is your word and your integrity have them mean something, keep them true.

    If you have to fight, win. Do not start it, do finish it.

    If you are going to work, work.

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    In the end you're on your own. No one is going to take care of you nor should you want them to. Be honest. Act like you have some sense about you. Be polite. Be loyal to those who deserve it. Don't start it but if it does start finish it. Be a gentleman. Be kind to people. Be respectful of ladies. Be generous. Help those who need it but don't let them take advantage of you. Take your promises (especially your wedding vows) seriously. Have fun but not at others' expense. Provide for and protect your family. Remember that times aren't always going to be good so make sure you save some for when they are not. If you are going to do something be good at it. Money doesn't grow on trees so don't spend it frivolously. Do what God tells you even if it might not make sense at the time. It is better for people to respect who you are than what you have. Be willing to fight for what you think is right.
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