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    Gabe, my workhorse guns are all 19, 17 and 34 done by your boys. But, you asked so, here goes:

    I'm always know for having more gear than time than skill, I went ahead and bought a Sig 229 and 226 Legion with their ROMEO1 red dot installed. Put an 18# trigger spring. DA is 8# SA is 3.5. Pros: Lots of upgrades included for the stock $, triggers are seductively smooth, red dot so far so good reminds me of Luepold big window, easy battery change, heavy gun weight makes rapid shots so much easier, and it returns to target on follow up shots in my hands like a friggin' gyroscope, no failures whatsoever after over 1,000 rounds with zero cleanings. Cons: limited holsters, too soon to tell on red dot durability. The 226 conceals nearly as easy as 19 but very noticeably heavier. DA 1st round has theoretically less chance of ND. I will post more as I run the gun over July 4 weekend. Not gonna pamper the red dot at all and see what happens. I have had an RMR, a Luepold and a Shield each fail once so far. Curious to see how this Romeo goes. The names Legion and Romeo seem just plain dumb compared to cool names like Acolyte and Choir Boy. Bad marketing.


    Extra Con- DA/SA transition takes practice and is hard to master with dry fire alone. I do live fire with a batch of magazines with two rounds each. Gates video on DA trigger pull helped me and is useful.
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    I will be buying a Sig M11-A1 sometime in the near future. Mostly for holsterless AIWB carry around the house. Thanks to ChrisNobody for the info on selection.
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    1. FNX 45 tactical- see Chrisnobody’s post
    2. CZ 75DB 9mm - sweetest shooting da I’ve ever used.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brightlightman View Post
    I will be buying a Sig M11-A1 sometime in the near future. Mostly for holsterless AIWB carry around the house. Thanks to ChrisNobody for the info on selection.
    My favorite pistol is a German 228. I rarely carry it nowadays but it was an NPE gun for years. The DA pistol is ideal for holsterless waistband or deep pocket carry, or for nightstand or drawer readiness.

    I've carried 3913/4, P85 (don't ask), 220, 226, 228, 229 appendix in NPEs. No holsters necessary. Now my go-to woods/house/chores gun is an M9. I'm used to it and shoot it well. I have had zero malfunctions in maybe 5,000 rounds over ten years or so. Zero. It seems to fit my hand well and, with a D spring and a Langdon hammer, has a smooth DA and light SA. The bedside gun is a 92A1, with a trigger that is even lighter and smoother, and carries a TLR-1S with an M&P remote switch.
    It's impractical, though not impossible, to fit a red dot sight to these pistols, but the increase in bulk would be ridiculous. Meanwhile those 20 and 30 round mags are a distinct advantage in a DA gun.

    I may have a RDS fitted to a 226 or 229, which will not wear E2 grips.

    Am playing around now with a PX4 subcompact.

    Still carry striker-fired on duty. Is there a difference in trigger management? Absolutely. Learn them both.
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    I have 5 Kahrs that I carry. Carry the ST9 mostly with a CM9 on my ankle. Recently picked up the T9 and the K9. I really love these guns because they are incredibly accurate, easy to shoot and easy to carry. I travel to California quite a bit (LEOSA creds) and I can take any of them across enemy lines because they have less than 10 round magazines. I'm contemplating getting the ST9 milled for the Shield optic to work alongside my Suarez G34 with RMR.

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    Since the question is what we actually carry, versus what we own, I can only say the last DA/SA I carried on-duty or off-duty was a S&W 4506. I carried it until they were no longer authorized. We shared a lot of history, paperwork and interview time together. I would carry one today if I could.

    Now, as far as what I currently see in the CT world. I see a lot of FN 5.7s, Glock and DA/SAs. The DA/SAs are extremely common with our OCONUS partners and CZ leads the way. We have a unit currently here for extended training and they're using CZ P-09s in 9x19mm. I asked them why and besides the normal carry options afforded by DA/SA, they cite the CZ line as significantly stronger and more resilient than SIG when using a continual diet of +P+. Remember that old Hirtenberger stuff we all wanted - it is still around and used.

    We had squads deployed back in 2008 and 2009 to Honduras and other locations in the region. CZ75s were generally handed out when one checked in his passport and company pistol with the host agency.

    I expect, were SI to develop a DA/SA curriculum, they'd find a lot of CZs in the hands of professionals.
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    I love my M9A1 and 92S. They are excellent, reliable pistols. I keep the 92S loaded at my door for when I go outside and need something quick to tuck in my pants. The M9A1 is my every now and then fighting pistol, and most of the times bathroom pistol. I bought them because one group I roll with uses them almost exclusively, Hard Boiled rules, and they were cheap (the M9A1 was $400, the 92S $260).


    *edited 6/15 2353 because it detracted from the purpose of this post. I love DA/SAs and have a lot of them!
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    I have a couple of Kahr PM9s that I carry more often than I should (single stack slacking or "singleslacking") because they're easy to carry and conceal, reliable, and accurate. I still carry a P290rs and a S&W 3953 on occasion, mostly because I have better holsters for both than my PM9s. All 4 will get lonely when I get a factory G43 and an SI G43.

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    Wanted to move away from the 1911 (loved it, wanted something with greater capacity and less concern about dragging across the concrete/gravel/other EDC damage - I'm not gentle on the EDC pistols).

    Bought a Glock. Didn't fit my hand. Fingers on top of the bumps, not in the grooves, trigger finger all the way up on the slide instead of the frame, never happy with the groups.

    Bought a couple XDMs. Fit my hand better (no grooves/humps). Never warmed up to them (concerned about the plastic rear rail guides and the grip safety being depressed when holstering.) Better groups, especially the smaller 3.8" 9MM.

    Bought a couple M&Ps. Fit my hands like they were made just for me. Groups were not as good as the XDMs and reliability sucked for air. Got the 9 fixed only to have it go south again about a year later. .357 SIG tumbled bullets badly (some - others worked great but all shot good in the Glock, so it wasn't specifically bad ammo).

    Bought a CZ P07. Fit my hand. Groups were head and shoulders above the rest. Reliability has been as good as the Glock/XDM and way better than the M&Ps. Parts availability was a sell, too. Several vendors that supply aftermarket springs, pins, fire control parts, barrels, sights, etc. Never had an issue getting spare/replacement parts for restoring old CZ's, fixing CZ's sold to me because someone else broke them, etc. I carry the P07 with the factory 12 round (.40 S&W) magazine in it and a 17 round back up (P09 with two round base plate on it).

    Since that first P07 I've bought a box of CZ's of different calibers, different frame types, different models. I've taken new shooters to the range with multiple brands/calibers of my pistols (I don't sell them, I just put them in the safe when I move on) and let them shoot multiple brands/calibers and they usually choose to buy a CZ when they get their own.

    I will say I recently used a hobby belt sander (1" belt) to remove those sorry finger bumps on the M31 and a Dremel to undercut the rear of the trigger guard and the darn thing feels pretty good in my hand. It will go back to the range with me, probably on the next trip. But I won't be walking away from CZ's.

    My EDC is either the P07 with a DI RMR on it (off property/public concealed carry) or a CZ75 Compact I converted to CZ85 ambidextrous controls (EDC on my property every single time I walk out the door and for everything I do outside). Recently got an Omega P01 and it will, at some point, replace that CZ75 Compact. The Compact gets carried with a 16 round magazine (full sized mag with the base plate that make it fit flush with the Compact frame) and a 19 round back up. The Compact also has night sights, but no RMR/DP Pro, etc.

    Hoping, some day, someone will come out with a small red dot sight that "fits" on a CZ75 sized slide that is reliable as the RMR has been for me.

    And I carry cocked and locked, like the 1911 was carried.

    Recently bought one of the new M&P .380 Shield EZ pistols. Came home, went to the S&W website to register it and found out the darn thing already had a recall on it. I knew better, I just screwed up, again. It'll be the last M&P.

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    CZ P01, I may RMR it one day but for now the finances do not allow that.
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