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    Default .40 170 gr. FMJTC

    My EDC is a mdl. 23 with JHPs. I have shot quite a bit of 170 gr. hardball flat nose that punches a nice clean hole in paper and have wondered how it would be as a self defense round. Yesterday I shot a coyote at about 20-25 yards just above the shoulder. It went 20' or so and dropped dead. Anybody here consider it as a viable self defense round? Obviously JHP is better and of course placement is the priority. .45 ACP round nose hardball worked well for a long time on other 'vermin'.-- jw

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    It can be argued that the truncated cone flat nose bullet crushes more tissue than a round nose bullet of the same diameter. So if I were stuck with ball ammo only we can argue that it MIGHT be a LITTLE more effective than a round nose...... but the fact is that ALL service pistol calibers suck at MAKING people stop what they are doing. That is why we use good quality HP ammo and plan to have to shoot multiple rounds to stop them. I would never choose FMJ as plan A if good quality HP ammo was available.

    Having said that, in the end, holes in hearts , spines and brains are just that...holes in hearts , spines and brains no matter what makes the hole. So if you are going to use FMJ you really need to be able to deliver it to important places.
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