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    Default The old days, I've heard guys here mention carrying one of these, many years ago

    Got this one in either 81 or 82. My dad had been carrying a .22 in the woods for years, but we were starting to see a black bear now and then so he ended up with this one. He died a few years back (AF vet., dealt with a lot of Agent Orange in 1970 in Vietnam, survived cancer twice before it finally got him about 6 years ago).

    I decided to bring this back with me since it's too big for mom to handle these days.

    It was in a holster in the closet and the box was on the shelf near it.

    All that's left of the box of .357 magnums I loaded for him over 30 years ago. I don't think I ever saw him shoot it.

    The box still had all the paperwork S&W stuffed them with back then.

    Still in great shape. Original grips should be in one of the drawers in the closet. I'll check next trip home.

    Just like the ones we carried except the rear sight blade has no white outline (only one I've ever seen with just a plain black rear sight blade.

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    Great revolver! Carried on for years at work. It was the perfect mix of smaller size and big enough for magnum ammo! I would love to have one. We carried 4 inchers but had some 6 inchers for target and competitions. Of course it is even more special with the connection with your dad.
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    Can be argued that the 686 was the zenith of the double action combat revolver. After that the whole world went to autos so the revolver really never evolved much more. And honestly there wasn't anywhere else for it to go. The L frame gave you a gun big enough to handle a steady diet of .357 without it getting out of time and it was still small enough that it could be carried without much drama. If I were forced (and I'd have to be forced) to carry a revolver as a primary it would be a 686.
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    Great gun ,accurate for any type of shooting.Mine is a 6 inch.

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    Nice! Great revolver. I have a security six which iw whst id carry if i had to rely on a revolver.

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    Mine's got fixed sights, a 681.

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    Had an early production "AA" serial numbered 4" barrel Pachmayr-gripped 586, bought new in 1981. IIRC, at the time the 686 was not yet available, or I would have had one of those instead.

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    I went out and bought a 686 when they first came out. Great gun. My wife has a 586 no dash which is the smoothest, best trigger of any revolver we've owned - including her 1968 Colt Python.

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    Still shopping for a nice Model 27 Smith. Just 'cause...

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