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    Take home message; pistols can stop an attacking bear.
    From the link. It gives several instances of 9 mm luger parabellum loads stopping bears. The 9 mm has a good reputation for deep penetration when fmj and hard bullets are used. Even a smaller bullet if it penetrates into a vital area will give a bear a very bad day.
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    Ha ha, I was doing the same thing to a friend a few months ago. He had a new AR in .223 that he was wanting to put in some work with. He would start to get serious with it on the silhouette and I would whack it with my 450 Bushmaster and game over until reset. This was a not all that robust homemade stand mind you. His kid got the biggest kick out of that. Haven't been shooting with him since,,, hmmm, I was nice enough to jog out and reset myself even.

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