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    AND easier to defend from anyone foolish enough to try to grab it....
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    Good find. Bumped the one by Shawn.
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    Great writeup Shawn. Sure puts a bright light on a difficult subject. Really needs to be better disseminated and understood by CGF and LEO alike.

    We really donít want people hurrying to holster before the fightís over because of LE arrival risks. Even bigger deal when LE arrives during the fight as in TASI.

    We should review other methods of covered SUL as we teach it in CRG-2. Choosing your shirt or outer garment also comes to mind along with the Jack Benny pre-fight posture as a possible cover option. WSY?
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    Well, I guess now that you’ve got your pistol at “Covered SUL” the next step is going to figure out what you’re going to say as you only bet one chance to get it right.

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    I think a couple of guys talked about that one a while back ;)
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