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    Know what...screw it. Stupid posts removed.
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    I've been spending a lot of time with the Stakeout the last several months and haven't been as focused on the PDW. The Stakeout rides in the truck and gets quite a workout with me in the dojo when no one else is around.

    But besides the Glock on my belt, it's the PDW that gets carried the most. I don't carry a laptop bag everywhere, but it gets carried a lot. I don't even need to go out of my way to do it because my responsibilities mean a computer is with me most of the time.

    I know the scenarios where pulling out the PDW are not the most likely; most gun problems will call for drawing the pistol on your body.

    Nonetheless, I don't mind having what is essentially a mini-rifle with me when I have the opportunity to carry it.
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    When the Endo/Shockwave brace appeared here on WT, I ordered one and put on a spare RMR G17 (that had the early milled Lone Wolf slides). It was a pleasant surprise, light and easy to wield, especially after running some 147 grain ammo through the suppressor. This PDW, without the suppressor, fits nicely in a non-descript daypack, which makes a very easy traveling companion. This is not a holster carry machine, so bag carry was always unchambered - an unsatisfactory situation.

    Finally, I had SI add the frame safety, enlarged mag release, flat trigger, charging handle, night sights and Supermatch slide. All these upgrades are very nice, I find the manual safety makes this a truly useful weapon. I sometimes think adding a sling might be helpful, but a folding hinge is definitely a good idea.


    Last night, my wife and her coworkers had a ladies night out downtown to an MLB baseball game. That meant a late night pickup at her office. As the clock neared the stroke of midnight, having this PDW next to me in the truck was a confidence booster as I greeted the Suburban loaded with nice, happy, unarmed ladies arriving in the dimly lighted parking lot.

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