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    I am amazed that this is the best topic we have to discuss this fine Sunday.
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    My guess would be someone will be looking for new employment. Stupid should hurt the stupid- but too many times it hurts someone else.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Popshot View Post
    Dropping a pistol on the deck can happen to anyone, for a multitude of reasons. How you deal with the problem demonstrates your deication to develop your skills, or your utter lack of awareness you are dealing with dangerous equipment.

    Let's use this as a teachable moment. If you don't practice picking up dropped weapons, add it to your training regimen today. Put in the repetitions so that your hand wil not go to the trigger. Then once you are at this level, do it in the dark.

    The keys are: Find it. Orient hand to gun. Trigger finger index on frame, then grasp the grip.

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    During "bullet golf" matches the safety brief covers not trying to catch a falling gun. They don't say anything to the SOs about how to pick it up safely. I guess they just assume we all know how
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    The gun gamers get so much wrong.

    IDPA considers dropping a pistol on the deck an instant disqualification - followed by a shame-inducing process where the RO unloads the dropped pistol and dismisses the shooter from the match.

    On the other hand, shooting a non-threat target merely results in time added to the match results. Care to guess the real life consequences of shooting an innocent bystander?

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