I just bought a CZ P10c and a Type II RMR to go with it.

I can not figure out what to do about BUIS.

I know I want as little sight as possible. All black and barely over the body of the optic.

I know a lot of places cut a Glock style rear notch and I think I like the shape of the Ameriglo (tapered in, less metal obstructing view) but I would still have to figure out the front sight as it is a CZ. I hate the long (front edge to back edge) front sight blades and REALLY hate anything that is slanted back towards the rear (snag).

I'm not even sure if I need the Glock notch because I was watching a video of a milled P10c appears he is just using the suppressor height CZ rear sight in its stock groove.

Any suggestions on the best course of action based on what I'm looking for?