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Thread: SOF @ 33. Yep.

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    Good deal.

    A competitive time for the ruck is about a 2:20. Thats about a 12 minute/mile pace, so its moving out. A guy in the sister platoon in my company got sent home from sfas maybe a week ago for being too slow on the ruck. Eat a bit before you go, or pack a pb&j in your pocket before you step off to eat on the move. A 12 miler burns about 1500 calories in a 180ish pound guy, so be mindful of that. Lack of sugar will cause your legs to cramp up.

    In reality, that pace is a running pace. If youre only walking now with your ruck, try running about half of it. I did a 2:29 12 miler on friday, and had walked a ways and stopped to talk to a man about a horse. Im not a super fast guy, I have a hsrd time maintaining a 15 min pace if I walk. So if you havent already, try to move out FAST. basically, its a slow run.

    I hope you make it, Im sure I havent said anything you dont already know. I just like to talk, I suppose.

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    I would just like to say that you guys are freakin' awesome.

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