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    Default Childhood force on force games saves man

    Friends of my parents, the Edmonds (Don and Louise) farmed citrus in Table Mountain area of Natal province, South Africa. On a visit to their farm their boys invited me to play "shooting each other while running around the pool," with their cousins.

    I of course declined, and watched as Don's brother Jack's boys shot it out against Don's boys. Hmm, full power Gecado .177 break action air rifles fired into overdressed torsos was crazy but they were doing it.

    Cut to the 1980s and the Edmonds boys and their cousins are Dusi Canoe Marathon front runners. Cousin John won the race in 85 and was scouting for either the upcoming "50 Miler" qualifier or the next Duzi itself.

    He is standing on a bridge over the river when five tribals surround him and open up at him with pistols. He is instantly off the X but they follow, still shooting at him as he jumps in his truck and drives away, unscathed.

    He went on to win three more times and the clan still kayaks. Since then canoeists have built schools, held canoeing clinics and helped black competitors enter the sport. A hearts and minds long term solution, that has helped reduce attacks on canoeists.
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