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    Default R Kennedy Jr thinks Sirhan did not kill his father

    Like the ML king accused assassin Ray, Sirhan took a guilty plea and so there was not an open trial. So I will watch this with interest to see what develops. Below are headlines that people can google for more information.

    Robert Kennedy Jr. joins chorus of second-gunman theorists over his father's assassination

    Los Angeles Times 4h

    Just ahead of the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy in Los Angeles, conspiracy theory
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    The Kennedys need to fade away quietly. Their behaviour in and out of office has been shameful and often stupid, despite isolated moments of courage and determination.

    The article mentions a previous re-opening of this investigation. I wonder what office Bobby Jr. is running for,

    or whether he too, like Sirhan, has been kicked in the head.
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    I care so little about the Kennedys that it would not even get a click from me if they published the notes from the new investigation. Now that Teddy is dead, that entire family can be readily forgotten.
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