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    Default HITS 2 AAR - Ohio

    This Memorial Day weekend started the right way for me. I held a HITS 2 course, Defensive Pistol Marksmanship. The course was held at the A&A range in Nelson Twp. Ohio.

    The day promised to be a hot one with matching temperature and humidity numbers and a slight threat of rain. Typical Ohio spring forecast.


    Introductions were made, the emergency plan was put in place and we got started with the safety lecture. The four rules of firearms safety were explained, along with the trademarked SI clarifications. Range commands and practices were covered and we were ready to go.


    The final lecture portion of the morning explained the seven fundamentals of pistol marksmanship. This is what I refer to as a pick and shovel class. The basics are taught and foundations of skill are laid. We began with proper loading and unloading of the pistol. We then moved to application, first by dry fire work with a partner that emphasized stance, grip and trigger control. We then went live. A five shot/one hole drill at three yards to warm up, partner drills that emphasized the surprise trigger break, then single shots from the ready beginning at three yards, moving back to 15 yards. This took us to the noon break.


    After lunch we regrouped. We began with dry practice, first reloading the pistol, then drawing from the holster and reholstering. We began drawing from an exposed holster, when everyone had that under control, shirt tails came out or cover garments went on and we repeated the drills from concealment.

    We went live again, firing single shots from a draw, starting at 3 yards and again, increasing the range. We repeated the process, firing two shots from the draw at each distance.

    The final portion of the day was spent on shooting from other positions. These included kneeling, seated and prone.

    The day ended with a review/debrief of what had been covered along with feedback from the class. There were a couple of ‘AHA’ moments that were very gratifying to see.


    Jim Miller
    ISA 6:8

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    Looks like you had a great day Jim.

    The " AHA " moments are the best.



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    Very nice, Jim!
    Suarez International Staff Instructor, Iowa

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