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Thread: 80% 9mm AR

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    Default 80% 9mm AR

    Has anyone built a 9mm 80% AR?
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    Yup. Got my paperweight from TacticalSh* (Yeah, I know but that's the name.) I had to go that route because nobody had stock on completed lowers. I went with Colt pattern mags and it's been fine. This was when the Glock magazine lowers were in the design phase. You can also do a regular AR lower and use an adapter. The drop-in ones seem to be the best choice, rather than the "insert from below" style. For awhile Hahn was the only game in town but I think there are other good ones now. Hahn was $250 just for the adapter so at the time it did not make sense. Again, that will be Colt-pattern (Colt Uzi-style magazines) not Glock mag pattern. I use ASC magazines but Metalform are also supposed to be good. I believe that Colt uses Metalform as OEM for their mags. You can also modify an Uzi mag if you happen to have a pile of them on hand. Last time I looked the Uzi mags were not cheap enough to bother compared to just buying new ASC's at $25 each.
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    My ASC 32 round magazines cost me about $16 each. They've worked 100%, so far. Stainless steel with a black coating.

    Put a link in since I don't think SI is selling Colt style 9MM magazines (if they are, the link will be removed, I'm pretty sure). Out of stock right now.

    The Metal Form 32 round magazines cost twice as much. One of the four had issues I've since fixed (would not lock the bolt back after the last round was fired). They are metal with a blued finish that would rust if I didn't keep them oiled up/wiped off after a sweaty summer range day.

    I only own one Glock and it never sees the light of day unless I'm opening up the safe to get something else out. So no reason to go the Glock magazine route.

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