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    When is a Glock ready to be carried?

    When you pěck up your own from the box and it is loaded.
    Las armas son necesarias
    Pero naides sabe cuando;
    Ansina, si andas pasiando,
    Y de noche sobre todo,
    Debes llevarlo de modo
    Que al salir, salga cortando.

    Martín Fierro

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pablo Thunderglock View Post
    When is a Glock ready to be carried?

    When you pěck up your own from the box and it is loaded.

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    I generally shoot a few hundred rounds of practice ammo and a few mags of carry ammo for factory Glocks. I've bought two new G19s in the past ~14 months, and together those pistols have about 4500 rounds through them. Among all those shots fired, I've had one single stove pipe while shooting with just my support hand. For other Glocks, I've gotten some boxes of bad ammo and some practice ammo (PMC 115 gr) that just won't run certain guns, but I've never had a problem with any of my Glocks shooting 124 grain Gold Dots or NATO rounds.
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    When you get it back from us.
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    Well played, sir. Well played.

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    I’ve had few problems with out of the box GLOCK’s, but I always spend at least a day at the range with any new gun. I have seen one GLOCK that didn’t feed a flat nose cartridge. That is IMHO the #1 issue with any gun, make sure it will function and the POI is true with the Ammo you intend to carry.
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