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    Spoke on a DHS agent today and she directed me to local police. She also said she had not heard of CPTED. But said she would be happy to provide active shooter training, once we had our plan in place.
    She hasn’t heard about it but DHS uses it for target hardening every day.

    PM sent. I’ll help with CPTED.

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    I hope you don't mind SFC, but here's the CPTED applied to your church. The point of CPTED is to maximize what you have, based on what you realistically face. In your case it is all about funneling potential threats into a mechanism allowing assessment over time and distance. In your case it'd be greeters outside the church meeting church members funneled to them at a choke point. The choke point has sufficient stand-off from the protected structure. The stand-off, however, must not be too great as to preclude assistance and overwatch by other security assets.

    The funneling in CPTED is accomplished with either temptorary barriers, such as rope and eye barriers, but even better done with use of bushes, hedges, pony-walls, railroad ties, etc. We don't want people to feel they're being funnelled...even though they are. People are like sheep and do many things subconsciously - which is something we can control.

    If this looks simple, it really is. Threat assessment in this case precluded the necessity to provide other barriers to the property line. If the threats were existent, the security measures would be upgraded to match. CPTED is unique as it matches security measures to true assessed threat level.

    This is just a portion of what SFC and I discussed. The only reason I mention it is sometimes it isn't how much money you through at a project, but where you throw it and why.


    Things such as funneling can be simple and often misunderstood if one doesn't realize the tactical and strategic reasoning. If it looks simple and you understand the "why" behind it then congratulations as the simple countermeasures are the most often overlooked.

    Now, this doesn't mean SFC adopted it, but this was the CPTED approach. I'm sure he made great use of other approaches as well.
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    Lots of good information. I've recently been asked by my Pastor to head up a security team and will be following this thread.

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