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    A secondary lesson from this situation is, don't let crazy or irresponsible people into your life. Don't take a chance.

    As Gabe says, "maintain distance from disorder".

    I have discovered that just because somebody is an employee of a police agency does NOT mean that they aren't crazy. I have had to re-discover this several times.

    That is all
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    Quote Originally Posted by JonathanNobody View Post
    It was a surprise to me as well. Who would have thought in your area one could take a human life to preserve that of a canine? I like it. However, here in the Southwest, we're pretty much limited to the preservation of life and denial of serious harm to human life only.
    I don't know about Arizona or most other states, but here in Texas, Mr. Roadflare is currently in commission of several crimes which allow for the use of deadly force in this scenario.

    He has committed theft, and he's about to commit arson. Deadly force is justified here if it's the only means by which to retrieve stolen property. That argument can easily be made here.

    Never mind that he's acting erratically and about to light your dog on fire, he could potentially wind up burning down ALL your property.

    ETA: That being said, a better option would be to bargain that he leave the dog and take the wife. That seems to be what everyone wants anyways.
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    So, how's the dog? He's the only sympathetic character in this sad tale.
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    So, had a new thought. Now that AZ is under it's summer burn ban does this scenario change at all Jonathan? Depending on locale flare boy could potentially kill or harm dozens to hundreds of people.
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    No, still can’t shoot people over animals or a fire potential. I’m sure some will disagree, but I see the jury declaring this not a gun issue.

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    IIRC,. Under the newest animal.cruelty law he'd be attempting to commit a felony. What class I can't recall but dogs. Cats and horses have special protection under the law.

    Not as persons but not just property. I'd have to see how the states current arson laws are.r e burning pets.

    I'm also going to run this by a retired circuit court judge that's an acquaintance of mine next time I see him and hopefully remember to bring it up.

    Btw re arson again. I've no clue what the grounds of the residence looked like. Sand dirt and rocks with little vegetation or brushy. Here it looks like a jungle but it's getting dry out for now.

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