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    Default G23 and G27 frame width

    Starting a new job soon where I will be issued a G23 and G27 for use at different times. I'd like to have one holster for both. My concern is that on one of my G19 holster I found that after using my G26 in it a while the G19 would just slip out because the G26 frame was just slightly thicker despite the advertising of being the same width.
    Has anyone had the same issue with the 23 and 27?

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    Get a better holster.

    All the 9/40/357 glocks should fit w/o issue.

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    You were dealing with strictly a spec issue. Just double checked everything in the safe, bewtween the 17,19, and 26 frames, they were all within .006" of eachother, which are all of course the same exact frames as the 22, 23 and 27 frames, respectively.

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    My 27 is a little fatter then my 23 right where the take down buttons are above the front of the trigger guard. I suspect from the duel recoil springs on the micro Glocks. I put a dig caliper on it after I found kinda the same thing. I dont recall how much difference it was ...not a lot but it doesnt take much when dealing with molded kydex. I have a Super Tuck and can go with either one though the 27 is a little snugger.


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    I have several kydex holsters for my G23 and G27. Just go with something to fit the 23 and the 27 will fit right in. Note that a 19 and 26 will fit the same holster.
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    The 26/27 is slightly wider than a Gen3 19/23 and will stretch a leather holster enough that the fit isn't quite as tight, but Gen4 is the same width. Its not enough for the to make the gun fall out its just not as snug.
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