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Thread: Dogs on attack

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    I used to take care of small ranch on a lake North of Dallas with a tiny state park on point on the lake in the middle of it. Every weekend in the summer there would be 2 or 3 dogs that folks from town turned for me to have to kill as no one else would take them in and the County Sheriff simply said, "you know what to do"

    In the summer in Texas dogs can kill cattle by chasing them for 15 or 20 minutes in the heat of the day. So those that own or care for cattle get rid of dogs that chase them. Before leash laws were enforced as well as they are now shooting dogs chasing cattle was a lot more common. If it was much of problem we hung them on fence along a highway to show folks in town what happened to dog that ran loose. The state I am allows someone to shoot almost any animal giving them trouble.

    I am a night owl and spent most of my time farming driving a tractor at night it gave me time to take care of business during the day. When it was to wet to work a lot of nights the only folk to talk to were the police and night dispatcher in a small farming town of 4,000 people. I wouldn't see many dogs running loose but house cats were every where and I would see one or two coyotes or foxes on main street every 3 or 4 night I was looking. The wild life paid no more attention to me than the dogs or cats did unlike the same animals outside town.

    I have had a lot better luck with rat terriers for rats an mice than I have with cats. Some cats are good at hunting rats and mice but they also hunt and kill birds. They especially hard on ground nesting birds as they may not kill the bird but they will eat the eggs. Cats fitted with cameras and GPS tell a grim tale of tabby's predation if feral or let run loose at night. My mother-in-lay had a car that kept her kittens and 2 dogs fed on mice, gophers, rabbits and birds. I caught a small cotton tail and turn it loose near the cat. The cat kill it in one bite in the spine just behind the head.

    I like dogs and I am OK with cats, but not when their running loose unsupervised. I don't like killing dogs but I sure have gotten good at it over the years from ass holes that turn them loose in the country or walk off and leave them. If you can't/won't take responsibility for the dog or cat you own, DON'T GET ONE.
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    We inherited a cat when we moved into the country. I won't bother to comment on well-to-do people who leave an animal behind with a note that's designed to manipulate your sympathy. We kept him. He is a killer, and a survivor. But when he's gone, no more cats. A rat terrier makes a lot more sense, especially with two larger canines already onscene.
    Good tip.
    Hunting is one thing. Killing animals that other people have ruined or injured angers me. I know exactly what you mean.
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    Quote Originally Posted by coastalcop View Post
    In the case of that banger and his pitt. Fido didnt make it to me (had a fair amount of brass in the air and 100% hits) . Animal control rolled up and loaded the carcass, then among his other problems they showed up at the jail and issued him a summons for "aggressive animal" . He had much bigger worries, but it did give me a laugh.
    If you shot the siccer, would that be legal? I think it would be as accessory to attempted grievous bodily harm, also.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Destro View Post
    If you shot the siccer, would that be legal? I think it would be as accessory to attempted grievous bodily harm, also.
    Obviously the siccer has already assaulted you with a deadly weapon. On the flow sheet use it and see what it says. Just because someone has fire a single shot weapon at you and has no reloads for it or another dog does not render them harmless to you. They may have another weapon or may still present another threat to you via some other means.
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    Logical, but you can imagine what the closing argument to the jury would be...

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