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    Excellent, what was that saying about -

    Quote the person who said it the first time.
    The second time say - a good man said this, but I can't remember who...
    The 3rd time say - this is what I think...

    Lol :^)

    I can see his getting adopted by (me) others and integrated into _______

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    "7). Tactics exist to get you an angle for your shot"

    Reminds me of one of the the 7 habits of successful people: "Begin with the end in mind."

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    10). Live as there was an enemy around every corner and behind every door

    People who I allow to know me (and there are very few), have noticed that I live in that manner.
    The Gospel according to Mr. Suarez!

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    Amen, brother.

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    I was thinking today about how these apply specifically to Pistol Ground Fighting.

    I was thinking primarily of #7: Tactics exist to get you an angle for your shot. In many ways that encapsulates all the lessons of PGF. There's so much more detail in the class of course, but the bottom line boils down to this precept. The class is all about creating that moment to draw your weapon and take the shot(s).

    But as I re-read these principles I see how virtually all of them apply.

    A few thoughts in bold.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel Suarez View Post

    1). Defense does not exist there is attack and there is counter attack
    Absolutely true. I would say there are clearly defensive techniques (methods of holding the bad guy at bay, positioning, retention, mobility, etc.) but they are all means to an end. (Perhaps a not so hidden meaning there) Defensive techniques are ideally performed simultaneously with offensive techniques. Body positioning and blocking techniques to provide protection or at least mitigate injury performed at the same time as pistol access and attack (for instance). And certainly the mindset is offensive rather than defensive. If you are only defending, you are LOSING.

    2). Everything begins and ends with marksmanship
    Marksmanship as broadly understood may not be the highest goal in the PGF course. But body and pistol position most definitely are, and one of the fundamentals of marksmanship is position. The positions we find ourselves in don't always lend themselves to the ideal shot, but we do have to be aware of our background, not to mention our own body parts. A well-honed trigger press is not so important in this context, but angles, structure, position and breathing most definitely are. (Breathing...dear Lord I almost forgot to mention BREATHING.) Marksmanship principles do come into play.

    3). Justify Shooting first
    This is HUGE in PGF because these will often be situations where your attacker isn't armed. You'd best be able to articulate why you were justified. And gaining the ability to articulate a credible threat, you're more able to justify yourself in the moment when faced with it. Hesitation kills. Articulation isn't just about the aftermath, it's a useful tool in determining you must shoot NOW.

    4). You must understand the role of initiative in the fight
    PGF usually starts from the position of lost initiative, and from there is all about regaining and keeping the initiative. This is no different than any other fight of course. The principle is the same, the ground is simply a different environment that many don't know how to navigate. If you can't swim in those waters, you can't regain the initiative. Also related to precept #1.

    5). Remember that it is not about the score, it is about killing
    As I put it in the class description, it's not a ground fight, it's a gun fight that happens to be on the ground. The Jujutsu guys, even the experienced ones that had gun training, often find themselves looking for Jujutsu solutions (submissions) to gunfighting problems. It's not a game, it's a fight for your life.

    6). Your body must be capable of doing whatever you need it to do

    7). Tactics exist to get you an angle for your shot
    As discussed above. Attack with hands/feet to steal the initiative while avoiding/mitigating damage to yourself, create space to access weapon, create the angle for the shot. Repeat as needed.

    8). It is not about speed, it is about timing
    There are two critical points. The first is drawing and shooting BEFORE he's gotten the chance to get a hold of you. Speed is helpful here of course but it's more about recognizing the need to shoot NOW before things get worse. The second point is when he's already on top of you. Timing is king here. You MUST wait and/or create the right position and opening to securely draw your weapon. Attempting to draw too soon, in a way that the bad guy can easily feel and react to, usually ends in disaster for you. Staying calm, getting the right position, remembering to relax and breath, having the balls to WAIT until the right moment to strike...THAT is understanding timing for PGF.

    9). Gunfighting is simply hand to hand combat at 1500 feet per second
    I think I came up with this one while I was developing the curriculum for PGF. It came out as just a clever, badass sounding line but I immediately recognized it was true. We punch when we need to punch, and we shoot when we need to shoot. A bullet is just a really small fist moving really, really fast. In some ways this one encapsulates everything else.

    10). Live as there was an enemy around every corner and behind every door
    Develop awareness. In the PGF many of you remember me hammering the idea that "feeling is faster than seeing"? We need body awareness, spatial awareness, situational awareness...this is the stuff that helps us avoid a bad spot to begin with, and gets us out of the bad spot when we land there. Recognize that fighting can be at any distance, vertical or horizontal. Get over it and win anyway.

    11). The pen is not mightier than the sword, it must be its equal
    Educate yourself. I think it was Dennis Prager that said writing is the mirror of your mind...if you can't write clearly it is a symptom of unclear thinking. Clear thinking will help you avoid shit in the first place, it will help you deal with shit in the moment, and it will help you clean up the shit afterwards.

    Also, you can't always draw your pistol in a ground fight, you might have to access something else. A knife, your spare magazine...or a pen. Any of which can rip his eyes out.

    12). The tiger is good at killing, but the antelope tells the tale
    And finally no matter what your fight was, you have to explain yourself. You must tell a story, and it must be good.
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    This year, is the fifteenth anniversary of the founding of Warriortalk. And so it was fitting that we used this time to present the things we have been building.

    This was an example of what we have coming. Twelve simple statements, but so very complex and detailed in their application. Simplicity is its own reward.

    Our five Kata which will be published in video form by year's end, and the mental training classes and mental kata, are both tributes to our lineage and examples of codifying what we have done that those who come after we have left will not have to relearn things in the way we did. But they will also present a new way to learn, to train, and to practice which was previously unavailable to the gun world.

    We are evolving and sharpening what is already the leading system of pistol fighting on earth.
    Gabriel Suarez

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    Reality Based Gun Fighting......Hell of a Concept.
    Many are able, few are willing .

    Dirty is exactly why you are here.


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    This is the last group of people truly trying to innovate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeavySmoke View Post
    This is the last group of people truly trying to innovate.
    It’s because they don’t have to anymore, 300 blackout comes with steel cases now...
    Nothing says Fuck You like a shotgun.....

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    Reading Gabe's Precepts is as instrumental to my training as any session at the range. Mind, body, spirit, and the will to win.
    "Stuck on Stupid." A place none of us wants to be. That's why we train.

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