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    Shot Mr. Langdon's PX4s at 2018 Tac - Con. I am not a DA/SA guy but they were easy to shoot well. I'm not changing but I was impressed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by doctom View Post
    There is a small pin that momentarily protrudes upward above the top of the slide as the trigger is pulled, right in the location where the red dot is installed.
    Similar to an M9 in that respect. Good to know. How did you mount the RDS, and what brand?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Papa View Post
    Similar to an M9 in that respect. Good to know. How did you mount the RDS, and what brand?
    I mounted a Shield. RMR's are my main red dot for well established reasons, but I have had no problems with a couple of Shields. My gunsmith conservatively milled down the tip of the pin where it the pin could travel up and down without impingement. I never noticed the short overtravel, but Langdon did. No malfunctions. But my gunsmith said he wouldn't do another PX4!

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    I have a PX4 compact and a compact carry. Both are still pretty new, but my initial impression is very positive. I've replaced some of the controls on the compact to make it more like the compact carry. I found great deals on Gunbroker. (The compact carry was just $450--seller obviously didn't know what pistol he had!)

    I'm still carrying a G19/26, but I did buy a holster for the PX4s. The PX4 really does shoot flatter than the Glocks. I can track my sights better during recoil, and the gun settles back on target faster. I may try carrying the PX4 for a few months, but I'd be surprised if I make a permanent change. However, this is the first non-Glock that I've ever given much thought to carrying, so who knows what might happen.

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    My wife's 9mm Stoeger Cougar Compact 13 shot is a very beautiful gun that has truly impressive performance. 700 rounds through it and you realize that Beretta makes guns for men or women, specifically. That's novel. You put my Cougar 45 against it and it's obvious. Rounded grips, better balance than polymer frames. For $299, you would be hard pressed to find a pistol more suited to the petite woman.
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