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    Quote Originally Posted by Soren View Post
    I'm 52....I still can't outrun a dog.....getting better, as I have lost 42 lbs. so far.

    I don't have a G26/43 my 17/19 are a little heavier than I want to wear for the run.
    Lol, yeah dude, only good way to carry it would be in your hand. Even like a camel back or something like that. I would go mountain bike riding and always bring my Glock.

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    I like the LCR for the reason you stated. But a stun gun does a great job of turning dogs (I've been told). Don't need to get close; they hate the sound.
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    The LCR is sorta calling my name. Theres a shop in town that has the 3" model which has adjustable sights and the 2" FIXED sight model. The 2" makes more sense for what I want but I really like the better grip on the 3" model. I keep thinking I need a hybred 2" with the larger grips--maybe two.

    I hadn't factored in the "rattle" that LawDog speaks about, yeah that would drive me crazy. I never noticed it on my 442; but then I probably need someone chasing me AND empty gun, to get me to run. Its just not in my fun category, hiking yes, biking yes, running noooo, not for fun.

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    The grip used on the 3" model will also fit the 2" versions. Its the Hogue grip #78030

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    I have two options for jogging/running/sprints- a 442 AIWB in a DeSantis Nemesis or a G43 AIWB in a JM Kydex "The George" w/ belt clip attachment. The 442 setup wins for comfort. The G43 has a slight edge in concealment for me, but only because I opt for the Hogue Tamer grip on my 442. And the G43 wins with respect to capacity and speed of reloads, of course.
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    I like the Hpg kit bag also. pic not of me.

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    I’ve been thinking that instead of a belly band, rig up velcro patch on an Inzer powerlifting singlet

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    Thank you for all info.
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