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    Its not money from the poor. Its money FOR the poor. Its money and tax dollars and tax free dollars, that is supposedly for the poor--and not just poor but whoever the charity begs the money to supposedly help, it could be diabetics or cancer or heart disease or or or. The point is when CEOs make huge salaries that's less $$$'s going to the actual "work" of the charity.

    The United Way is famous for this; but they are hardly the only one, they just happen to be the one that got "out-ed". Its also not so much the evil CEO, its more like a typical leftist, that wants your money to give to the poor but; wants to live in luxury because they know better how to spend your money

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    I spent several years as the CEO of a non-profit that supports orphans down in Haiti. I never received a dime. No one on my board of directors ever received a dime. We paid the caretakers, nurses and cooks fair wages. They were all Haitian. We sent lots of American volunteers down to help them.

    At at the same time I was serving as the bishop of our local congregation. No pay for that either. I also, during those years, ran two successful businesses.

    There’s a reason they call it charity. If there are 6-figure incomes involved, it ain’t one.

    There are plenty of organizations out there where virtually all the money goes the cause. Anyone who says it can’t be done is full of crap.
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    Well Bruce...since you feel so vociferous about this, I doubt you'd contribute to my 501 c3. And we know you are not going to contribute to any organization where the people that work there are anything more than volunteers. OK. Got we move on to less socially responsible issues.
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