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    Quote Originally Posted by apamburn View Post
    Once again people go way too distopian future / mad Max with this stuff.

    First of all we are really, really far away from anything like using machines for something like LE.

    "These machines carry no such moral inhibition or ability to think for themselves along such lines, add that moral failure to the authority an LE officer can abuse or allow to be abused into power and you have a very bad potential"

    Machines are incapable of being bribed, of immorality, or misjudgement. They are incapable of absuing power. They do exactly what their programming says to do. That's it. For your concerns about to be realized they would have to be configured or programmed to perform in that way.

    Machines like this are incapable of malice or morals or any kind of thought at all. They do a very specific job. And they don't do so well in environments without well established and defined rules.

    The idea that machines could replace LE as it is today is really silly sci fi stuff. Augment? You bet.

    But AI will (is) affecting life in different ways though people like to get all up in arms over the Terminator / RoboCop idea.

    AI will be used to augment LE and other fields long before it replaced them. It will be used for facial and vehicular recognition, pattern prediction (something AI is really good at) and tracking multiple things at once (also something machines excel at and humans suck at). Maybe even officer augmentation through suits / armor, dispatch integration and so forth (think Cortana from Halo)

    AI may be used for traffic or other types of enforcement but won't take the form of humanoid robots wandering the freeway. New approaches to enforcement and detection will be developed to leverage AI.

    You won't be seeing officer Bucket O'Bolts walking up to your car anytime soon.
    Quote Originally Posted by apamburn View Post
    They do exactly what their programming says to do. That's it. For your concerns about to be realized they would have to be configured or programmed to perform in that way.
    and what makes you think this is not exactly what would be done?

    Enforce the law? Remember this one thing, everything hitler did, EVERYTHING, he did was legal under then current german law.
    The people engaging in the horrors of that regime were enforcing the then current law, people dont seem to realize this simple truth.
    Program a machine such as these to enforce the law and it has no care or moral inhibition as to whether or not the law is just, right, and proper. It simply does exactly as you said, do exactly what it's programmed to do.

    Tyranny or wrongful power is not imperial storm troopers with badges going about the neighborhoods causing wailing and knashing of teeth. Tyranny is the abuse of authority or acquisition of power, which requires manpower to achieve it and maintain it.
    It being so far against normal human nature there is always the issue of the human factor, some will not go along with the program, a robot will do so without any thought to the matter.

    BTW: bucket of bolts can already walk up to your car, as evidenced in the video.

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    Dam i love threads like this. Deep and thought provoking. I think the OMG they're building skynet histrionics are a little bit premature. These things aren't going to be replacing officer friendly or private numb nuts anytime soon. That being said i can totally see these things supplementing and acting as a force multiplier for law enforcement or the military. Go check out total recall, the shitty remake not the one with arnold. In a scene one of the female characters basically ducks behind a robot and uses it like mobile shooting cover, in a sci fi novel i was reading a bit back robots were used like mobile weapons caddies and suport for infantry in armor. Stuff like that is what you'll be seeing from this tech first. Partner a cop with a robot. You've got constant video of events. A piece of cover a lot more durable than your average officer. You can pack the things with less lethal and it'll be really hard to bitch that the robot is racist. Working under command of the officer. Or instead of a fireteam in the army you've got an nco and four robots. NCO gives directions to the robots robots do as told. Say go here hold position and kill anything thats packing and not us. The tech can reasonably discern if you're carrying a rifle now from visual sensors. Pre recorded message says drop it and slap an iff on our guys. Bad guy tries to close blam. Or say check point security. Stick the robot out front to do the dangerous stuff. Sniff for explosives finds em orders guy out or smokes him if he doesn't comply. If guy wants to get his virgins he's gotta explain to allah how killing a toaster is worth it. Like i said stick a speaker and visual screen on em. Put em out front if someone doesn't comply and runs checkpoint bam. That's how this stuff is gonna be used in the next 15 to 20 years to supplement humans.
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    Last summer, some of the people at work were joking that I may be out of a job because a company in DC was using a security robot called the Knightscope K5. I laughed and said "never gonna happen". The next day, as if it were an omen, I came across this article:

    The damned thing fell into the water and drowned!

    I loved the caption:

    "We were promised flying cars, instead we got suicidal robots."

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