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    And Pilates may be long as its not ALL YOU DO.

    And I think the "strength at all cost" notion some guys have is misplaced. I think periodizing your lifting to increase muscle mass is extremely important. Nobody wants to be the physically unimpressive guy whom nobody would suspect of being a lifter, that is also really strong. As you age muscle will diminish so you want to go into those years with as much hypertrophied muscle on your frame as possible. The more you have the more you can keep. That way you will look like "old superman" and not the cardigan wearing grandpa that groans when he gets out of his chair. And simply being strong may not be enough to accomplish that.

    On the mobility thing - I find that doing a couple of days of kata (in essence - movement drills) is good. I will probably begin some Yoga as well in the Fall. I don't give a crap about the Christians Taliban getting froggy about it being some sort of occult thing or some other nonsense...I plan to do it for increased flex and mobility in the colder months.

    And I expect the scenery may be pretty good as well....maybe.

    Eat muscle...keep moving. It is preferable to be crushed under a squat at 75, or in a gunfight with a communist gang ant 85, than a slow decay to conclusion in a death warehouse at 95.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel Suarez View Post
    And Pilates may be long as its not ALL YOU DO.
    Oh, heck no. That was yesterday. Started today with an 8k ramble in the woods with the dogs followed by running another klick to tire them out. After I make sure they're cooled down, over to the garage to lift.
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    I do incline walk interval training on a treadmill, it is ok on my knees a lot better than running.

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