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    Good eye! Yes, Missouri. Thank-you.

    I find that mowing is also philosophical. It is like life. The jungle is always trying to break down the order of man, and return it to the order of nature. It is the same with our bodies, our minds, and everything else we own. Time and lack of management will always cause a reversion to the natural order. It is this natural order that we, as humans, constantly struggle with, and so it is with a lawn.
    So true. Bush and forest fires are now a constant threat in Florida because when the subdivisions went in, the surrounding forests were left unattended. The lumber companies used to burn the undergrowth back every three years. Let it go for 20 plus years and there is a fire disaster waiting to happen. Once the land has been cleared, regular mowing keeps it open and grass even without planting will often naturally invade the area and grow. Cease mowing and the forest returns. The native americans in many areas prior to the European invasion maintained open forests and grass lands with fire and modern forestry does that today.

    One who hammers his gun into a plow plows for those who do not....Unknown the end of the day its not about anything else but YOU AND YOURS..... Gabe Suarez
    ....WANT not NEED is what America is all about. ..... Gabe Suarez
    Its not about how fast you can load, but about how well you can shoot ..... Someone being saved by a speed load is not something that has happened with any regularity. Gabe Suarez

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    Oh dear Lord, I've got to get me one of those flamethrower for the back of my truck.

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