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    Quote Originally Posted by HeavySmoke View Post
    I carry a 34 almost all the time. I shoot it best so I carry it most. It's my duty gun. I down size to the 26 for events at the kids school and things like that. I sold my 43 because I dont shoot it as well.
    About the same here I can shoot the 43 "fairly" well but it's not up to my standards. My 26 just fits into my hand about as well as my grip modified 17 does. The 43 I have to put more effort into getting a grip for good trigger control. I've owned 3 of the 26's over the years and also have noticed they work as well for me as the larger Glocks in most cases.

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    Having come really close to dumping my 43 a few times, it came in handy this past week. Traveled to St. Louis, MO (the second most violent city in America per an article I happened to read right before I left) this past week. Dress was business casual - so khakis and a button-up shirt. Was debating whether to take the 43 or 26 (or 19). Went with the 43 which allowed me to carry on my ankle while at the conference (based in the Hilton we stayed in) during the day, then go AIWB with a reload whilst kicking around town during the evening. The ankle carry option just made it easier. I have found the 26 to be too much on the ankle for any extended length of time. So, for me, the 43 does have (a narrow) niche.

    Bonus note: I flew Delta both ways. Airlines have started not putting bags with pistols on the carousel. A baggage agent hand-delivers your bag to you (this is not faster). On the return leg, the baggage agent lady took a very large zip tie and zip tied my bag shut to, I suppose, keep me from accessing the pistol and shooting up the airport before I left. Of course, since this was a soft-sided suitcase, I could simply unzip it and get access to everything in the bag... But I suppose she was following policy. On the up side, now I have a few heavy duty zip ties. Serious business, this would have sucked with hard sided luggage on the front end of the trip. My blade and multi-tool would have been in the luggage with the pistol. Would have had to figure out some way to break/cut the zip tie. Have I mentioned how much I hate flying?

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    I am pretty much the same as Gabe on this one. I pack a 17 most everyday. When I need better concealment I’ll opt for the 19. I have recently shot a friends 26 and I will be getting one as soon as I can. That gun disappears on me even in a fitted athletic shirt. I would carry that in a suit if I had to wear one and in extreme NPEs. The wife has a 43 and I can shoot it well but I only ever see that as an ankle back up gun. The 26 is the smallest I’d need to carry.

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    Several years ago, before I discovered SI and AIWB, the 26 was my EDC. Selected because it's what I could hide best, either OWB or in an Ankle Glove. After moving to AIWB, I found that in nearly all cases where I could hide a 26, I could also hide a 19 (but not a 17- I'm 6'1, 185 w/ a slender build, and the 17 prints on me unless I'm wearing bulky, winter clothing). I can really make the 43 disappear, however, even w/ +2 mags, which is almost always how I carry it. In tight t-shirts, on the ankle, and especially w/ a Zach and a tucked shirt. I'm nearly as accurate with it at 10 yards, though not as fast, but that's the trade off I accept when going "NPE."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloodnut View Post
    Traveled to St. Louis, MO (the second most violent city in America per an article I happened to read right before I left)
    Off topic:

    That stat is misleading. STL city is tiny and downtown only. The rest of the metro area is STL county and is relatively safe. If the whole metro area is considered, it’s very safe, but the few square miles downtown throw off the ratios. Stats don’t lie, but liars use stats...

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    Further OT: So I stayed at the Hilton at the Ballpark which, I guess, is about as "downtown" as you can get there. Walking around the arch and the area close by, never saw anything that really pinged my radar. Conversely, I went to The Hill to eat one night, and then to a BBQ joint near the university and both Uber drivers made comments which lead me to believe that the rougher areas where maybe scattered outside of the downtown area. They certainly seemed to think that there were some areas worth staying out of. I sort of figured that the powers that be had seen to it that the tourist areas (the Arch and the ballpark) were no-go zones for the crooks. I also understand though, that in many cities, you can be in a relatively "safe" area, but if you go one block in the wrong direction, you can find yourself in a more colorful area - perhaps this is the case in STL.

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    It is. STL proper is an odd checkerboard of good and bad areas. You can have a nice upscale area and a block away it looks like a bomb went off. Even if you park a couple blocks away from Busch Stadium or other attractions you may have to walk through a shady area to get there. Ballpark area, zoo, Forest Park, the Loop (trendy college area) , that’s all policed pretty well but I wouldn’t hang out there “after hours”. They all butt into the hood somewhere.

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